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What IS this "Knowlton Award"??

Established in 1995 by the Military Intelligence Corps Association (MICA), in support of the Military Intelligence Corps, the Knowlton Award recognizes individuals who have contributed significantly to the promotion of Army Intelligence in ways that stand out in the eyes of the recipients, their superiors, subordinates, and peers.  These individuals must also demonstrate the highest standards of integrity and moral character, display an outstanding degree of professional competence, and serve the Military Intelligence Corps with distinction.  The MICA is the sponsoring agency and provides financial resources, administrative control, and publicity.

LTC Thomas Knowlton's distinguished military service during the Revolutionary War was recognized by General George Washington, who appointed him to raise a regiment, expressly for desperate and delicate intelligence services.  Knowlton exemplifies the gallantry, bravery and strong determination to succeed associated with the Military Intelligence soldier.  As a brave warrior soldier, and the first intelligence professional in the Continental Army, LTC Thomas Knowlton embodies courage and dedication to duty.
He is an appropriate symbol of excellence for the Military Intelligence Corps.



Where do these awards come from?

Any active MICA member may submit a nomination by filling out the Nomination Form.   At present all G2, MI Commanders in the rank of LTC, Installation Senior Intelligence Officers, MICA Chapter Presidents, and any MI Colonel or MI General Officer may approve the award.

The approval authority forwards the completed nomination packet to the Knowlton Committee of MICA.  The MICA National Chapter will mail the certificate and medal to the person making the nomination.

A nominee for the Knowlton Award must have demonstrated excellence in intelligence or superior support to Military Intelligence, either in the military or civilian community; must have the highest standards of integrity, moral character, dedication to duty, demonstrated superb professional competence and leadership in a Military Intelligence unit; and must be nominated for the award by a MICA member.

  Any officer, warrant officer, or enlisted soldier may receive the award.

Civilians who have demonstrated outstanding support of the Military Intelligence community or a specific intelligence unit may be presented the Knowlton Award.  The nominee need not be an active duty member.


How and When is it worn?

Holders of the Knowlton Award should wear their award with intense pride and decorum.  They must, however, be extremely judicious in their choice of the occasions for wear. The medallion should be worn only at functions such as the Military Intelligence Corps birthday celebration, Military Intelligence Balls, Dinings-In and Out.  Inappropriate occasions are social functions such as AUSA meetings, etc.

When worn with the Army Blue Mess or Army White Mess uniform, the Medallion should be worn with the ribbon around the neck, outside the shirt collar, and inside the coat collar.  The Medallion should hang at full length on the ribbon.

When worn with the Army Blue, Army White, or Army Green uniform, the Medallion should hang with the ribbon around the neck, outside the shirt collar, and inside the coat collar.  The Medallion should hang over the four-in-hand necktie near the collar, and above the top button of the coat, or just under the bow tie near the collar, and above the top button of the coat.


Some details...

1.  There is only one level of the Knowlton Award. No other degrees of this award are authorized, or sanctioned by MICA.

2.  The approving authority is decentralized down to the President of each local MICA chapter.   If there IS no local MICA Chapter, then  the first Lieutenant Colonel Military Intelligence Officer within the   chain of command can approve.  If the individual is not serving in a Military Intelligence Corps unit, then the senior Lieutenant Colonel Military Intelligence Officer in the geographic area is authorized to approve the nomination.

3. The nomination packet must contain the nomination form and $30 per award (Check, money order, Visa, Mastercard. No Cash!).  If the award is disapproved, the money is returned.

4.  Mail the approved packet & money to:

MICA National Headquarters
ATTN:  Knowlton Committee, P.O. Box 13020
Fort Huachuca, Arizona, 85670-3020.
Please Allow Three Weeks for delivery.