Portraits of Significant Events and Founders of the United States Of America.

These images were published in The Journal of American History in 1910 and were considered by the publishers to have made exceptional contributions to the founding of the United States of America.


Painting of Washington Resigning His Commission
by John Trunbull, 1787


Portrait of George Washington by Gilbert Stuart, 1795


Portrait of Martha Washington by Gilbert Stuart

Captain Thomas Knowlton, founder of the 

Connecticut Rangers, was appointed the first Spy by General Washington.

Portrait of Thomas Knowlton by John Trumbull

Samuel Adams

Portrait of Samuel Adams (1722-1823) by John Singleton Copley

Arthur Middleton

Portrait of Arthur Middleton 1742-1787 of South Carolina (Signer of the Declaration of Independence) by Benjamin West

Mrs. BenedictArnold and Child

Portrait of Mrs. Benedict Arnold (Peggy Shippen and Child) by Sir. Thomas Lawrence

John Hancock

Portrait of John Hancock by John Singleton Copley

Mrs. JohnHancock

Portrait of Mrs. John Hancock (Dorthy Quincy) by John Singleton Copley

Horatio Gates

Portrait of General Horatio Gates (1728-1806)

John Paul Jones

Portrait of John Paul Jones (1747-1792) by Charles Wilson Peale

Charles Pinckney

Portrait of General Charles Pinckney (1746-1825) by James Sharpless

Henry Knox

Portrait of General Henry Knox (1750-1806) by Gilbert Stuart

Arthur St. Clair

Portrait of General Arthur St. Clair (1734-1814) by Charles Wilson Peale

Joseph Warren

Portrait of General Joseph Warren (1741-1775) by John Singleton Copley

Nathaniel Greene

Portrait of General Nathaniel Greene (1742-1786) by Charles Wilson Peale

Richard HenryLee

Portrait of Richard Henry Lee (1732-1796) Signer of the Declaration of Independence, by Charles Wilson Peale


Portrait of Alexander Hamilton (1757-1804)


Portrait of General Benjamin Lincoln (1733-1810) by Sargent


Portrait of General Richard Montgomery (1736-1775) by Charles Wilson Peale

George RogersClark

Portrait of George Rogers Clark (1752-1818)

John Starke

Portrait of General John Starke (1728-1822)

Patrick Henry

Portrait of Patrick Henry (1736-1799) by Thomas Sully

James Wolfe

Portrait of General James Wolfe (1727-1759) Killed in the French and Indian War

Noah Webster

Portrait of Noah Webster (1758-1843) Lexicographer and Political Economist by James Sharpless


Portrait of General Montcalm (1712-1759) French Commander in America in the French and Indian War, Killed at Quebec along with General Wolfe (above)

Major JohnAndre

Portrait of John Andre, British Spy hanged in 1780, by John Singleton Copley

Marquis deLafayette

Portrait of Marquis de Lafayette (1757-1834)

General JohnBurgoyne

Portrait of General John Burgoyne (1723-1792) by Thomas Hudson

First Battle ofthe Revolution

First Battle of the American Revolution (Lexington), April 19, 1775 by Amos Doolittle

Battle ofGermantown

Battle of Germantown October 4, 1777 by Edward Lamson Henry

Wise Men ofGotham

Wise Men of Gotham and their Goose, published 16 February 1776 by W. Humphrey, Soho

Boston Massacre

Boston Massacre on the Streets of Boston March 5, 1776, engraved and colored by Paul Revere.

Congress VotingIndependence

Congress Voting Independence by Robert Edge Pine and Edward Savage

James Madison

James Madison (1751-1836) Life Engraving by W. R. Jones, 1814

DeWitt Clinton

DeWitt Clinton (1769-1828) Life Engraving by W. R. Jones, 1814

Benjamin Rush,M.D.

Benjamin Rush, M.D. (1745-1813) Life Engraving by Edwin, 1813

John Jay

John Jay (1745-1829) First Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, Life Engraving by Leney, 1814