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Military Intelligence Corps Association

Members of the Military Intelligence Corps formed the MI Corps Association (MICA). It was organized on 2 November 1994 at Fort Huachuca, Arizona. The intent of MICA is for intelligence professionals to provide a forum through which members can share ideas and experiences as well as to continually upgrade the profession.

MICA is dedicated to supporting a high level of esprit de corps and proficiency among those in the intelligence profession by sponsoring various programs such as the:

(MIPB) as a part of the membership benefits.

We sponsor receptions and other get-togethers in conjunction with conferences and meetings. In addition, many of the local MICA chapters enhance professional development by such means as the fine guest speakers at luncheon meetings and special dinners, and information-sharing like the Colorado Chapter's "MICA-Gram." This article provides information on some of the MICA programs that support of the MI Corps.

MI Museum

The Army Intelligence Museum at Fort Huachuca is a central repository for those historical items that help put the MI story into perspective. The museum came to fruition due to the dedication of the U.S. Army Intelligence Center and Fort Huachuca museum staff, the vision and support of the former USAIC&FH Commander, Major General Charles W. Thomas, and the hard work and funding provided by MICA. The Intelligence Museumódedicated on 2 November 1995óresulted from a true team effort.

The museum's mission is to preserve and transmit the experiences and values of those who have gone before. The resultant knowledge will not only better equip MI's current stakeholders to carry out their professional duties, but enrich them with a sense of belonging to a larger tradition with common goals and shared values.

Since its opening, MICA, with the financial support of six MICA corporate members, has sponsored the establishment of a second exhibit hall that features displays about the Korean War, the Vietnam conflict, and human intelligence "tradecraft" artifacts. MICA also established the Knowlton Room, a meeting and research room located in the museum. The Knowlton Room features a current list of Knowlton Award winners, some historical and intelligence-related books and periodicals, and taped interviews with current and former senior MI officers and Hall of Fame inductees. Donations from three MICA corporate members furnished the room.

We do encourage all of you to visit the Army's Intelligence Museum during your next trip to Fort Huachuca. It is located at the corner of Christy and Hungerford Avenues, in Building 41411. The museum, operated by volunteers, is open from 1000-1400 hours, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The building also includes a small gift shop containing MI-related items.

Knowlton Award

One of our most well received programs has been the establishment of the Knowlton Award, named for Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Knowlton, the official hero of the MI Corps and MICA. LTC Knowlton commanded the first intelligence and reconnaissance unit in the United States Army during the Revolutionary War. We regard the creation of that unit as the birth of U.S. military intelligence. The Knowlton Award acknowledges demonstrated excellence or superior support to MI. Currently, all Active and Reserve Component G2s/J2s and MI commanders in the rank of LTC or higher, installation senior intelligence officers (SIOs), and any MI colonel or general officer can approve the award.

The MI Corps Hall of Fame ceremony in 1995 marked the first presentations of the Knowlton Award. Since then, many deserving officers, noncommissioned officers, and civilians have received Knowltons at many retirement and award ceremonies. The award is a medallion with an MI blue ribbon, worn around the neck on special occasions. You undoubtedly have noticed this award proudly worn at various MI balls, dinings-in, and other special occasions.

MICA Scholarships

We think that the MICA Scholarship program is unique. We offer scholarships to MI enlisted soldiers who are pursuing their educational goals. We have granted two scholarships each year since the program was established.

MICA is on an annual application cycle. The cut-off date for acceptance of applications is 31 May each year. Application packets are available from the MICA national headquarters. See page 63 of the April-June 1998 issue of MIPB for more detail on this program and application procedures.

MICA Home Page

Visit the MICA home page on the Internet at There are many features on the home page that you may find interesting. They include:

Our goal is to expand the MICA website to include a larger number of services available only to MICA members. Current plans include: Conclusion

MICA has made great progress since it began three years ago. We are all very excited and proud about what we have accomplished. However, there is still much to be done and we need your input to do it. Let us know if you have any ideas on how we can improve and grow. You are probably asking yourself: What can I do? How can I help? If you are not a member, you can join MICA. Next, you can support your local chapter. If a local chapter does not exist, then help start one. MICA will continue to participate in the overall evolution of the MI Corps. We remain excited about our numerous accomplishments and momentum we have exhibited.