The men who marched to Bunker Hill with Capt. Thomas Knowlton.

Upon hearing of the Battles of Lexington and Concord, Captain Thomas Knowlton of Ashford Connecticut gathered a company of men who marched to Cambridge, MA. Knowlton was placed 2nd in command of all Connecticut troops, under direct command of General Israel Putnam. Knowlton was later promoted to Colonel. He was the commanding officer, in New York, of Nathan Hale. Col. Knowlton was killed 16 September 1776 at the Battle of Harlem Heights, New York.

Here is the list of those who joined with Capt. Knowlton making the trip to Bunker Hill.

Thomas Knowlton, Captain X
John Keyes, Lieut. X
Daniel Allen, Lieut.
Squier Hill, Ens. X
Daniel Eldridge, Sgt. X
Obadiah Parry, Sgt. X
Timothy Dimmock, Sgt. X
Amos Woodward, Sgt. X
Joseph Snow, Sgt.
Samuel Moseley; Clerk X
Nathaniel Hayward, Drummer
Benjamin Russell, Fifer X
David Allen, Corp.
Daniel Squire, Corp. X
Christopher Bowman, Corp. X
Jed Ammidon, Corp. X
Isaac Abbee, Fifer X
Christopher Abbott
Stephen Anderson
Thomas Anderson, of Willington X
William Allen
Jonathan Avery
Joseph Barney X
Jonathan Badger
John Bowen X
Joseph Bowen X
Lemuel Bolles X
Daniel Bosworth
Thomas Brown X
John Brown
John Broughton X
Abiel Bugbee X
Amos Bugbee X
Asaph Burley, of Union X
Jacob Burley, of Union
Jonathan Chaffee X
Christopher Chapman
Thomas Chapman X
Mr. Cheney, KILLED at Bunker Hill
Jememiah Connel X
Mr. Curtis X
Jonathan Crane X
Thomas Davidson X
Asa Davidson X
Benjamin Dimmock X
Isaac Dimmock X
Jonathan Dowset
Amos Dowset X
Timothy Eastman X
Josiah Eaton
Daniel Fitts
Stephen Foster
James Grant
Hambleton Grant, Drummer, WOUNDED IN THE BATTLE
Samuel Hale X
Robert Hale X
Caleb Hendee
Benjamin Henfield X
John Holmes X
Silas Holt X
Josiah Holt
Charles Kimball X
Zachariah Keyes
E. Keyes X
Stephen Knowlton X
Frederick Knowlton
Amariah Lyon
John Laflin, of Union
Abraham Laflin of Union X
Adin Marcy X
Wm. Moore X
Alexander McNall X
Daniel Owen
Robert Patterson X
Benjamin Pitts X
John Potter
Zera Preston
Reuben Simmon
Stephen Scarborough X
Richard Smith
Daniel Smith
Abijah Smith
Josiah Smith X
Sylvanus Snow, WOUNDED
Thomas Southworth X
Ebenezer Wales
Aaron Wales, of Union
Eleazer Wales X
Wm. Watkins X
Nathan Watkins X
Nathan Ward X
Daniel Ward X
Wm. Waters X
Wm. Williams X
Samuel Walker X
James Walker X
John Woodward

This list was copied from the original list of Knowlton's Company that was in the possession of his son, Frederick Knowlton, in 1824